Medications, surgeries and therapies are all used to prevent disease and prolong our lives.  But a 2011 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report on an eighteen year study found that, if you want to prolong your life, practicing one or more of four healthy lifestyle behaviors can make that happen.  What are the four healthy behaviors?  You probably can easily identify them - we know what we ought to be doing! 

     So if you want to have the best chance at having a long, healthy life - stop smoking, eat healthfully, drink alcohol moderately or not at all and get enough exercise.  The CDC's report said that in the study 63% of people were less likely to die if they observed those four healthy lifestyle choices than those who did not.  The lifestyle choices you make greatly influence your susceptibility to major diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

    We really do make life or death choices every day. If you want to avoid the poor health with resulting meds and therapies and surgeries, it's time to follow a healthy lifestyle.  Hypnotherapy can be a great tool to help change bad lifestyle choices and to motivate you to incorporate the healthy lifestyle choices that can prolong your life.