One of the joys of my profession is knowing that the work hypnotherapists do with their clients can change lives.  This morning when I arrived at work I had a voice mail from a recent client.  She had been referred to me by her psychotherapist for some adjunct hypnotherapy for generalized anxiety disorder.  She did one session with me and then she returned to her regular therapist.  Her voice sounded so good on the phone as she thanked me for the session saying, "It was really something else!" in a very positive tone.  She talked about some ways in which she had already seen the hypnotherapy session working in her life and how it had opened up new discussions with her psychotherapist.  She concluded, "It was well above and beyond what I though it (the hypnotherapy session) would be.  I'm just blown away".  If you are working with a therapist and would like to experience hypnotherapy, ask for a referral for hypnotherapy.  If you are in northern Virginia or the Washington, DC, area, check out my website: www.JenniferPJohnson.com. And thanks to the client who took the time to share the results of her experience with hypnosis.