A 2011 study at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, indicates still another reason to find ways to deal with insomnia.  The study, published online in CIRCULATION, was led by public health researcher and internist Lars Erik Laugsand, MD, lead author of the study conducted at the university in Trondheim.  The study found that there is a 45% higher risk for heart disease for people who have trouble falling asleep most nights than those who don't have trouble falling asleep.  The study of 52,610 people also showed a 30% higher risk for developing heart disease in those who have trouble staying asleep.

   The study concluded that the reason for the increased risk of heart disease in those with insomnia may be associated with increase stress hormones, inflammation and blood pressure issues.  Each of these can increase the risk for heart disease.  Check out some of my earlier blogs about insomnia, its symptoms and causes and how you can help to relieve the symptoms.  Do not give up - remember hypnotherapy can be another tool in dealing with insomnia and protecting yourself from the risk of heart disease.