Do you sit for long periods at a time?  A century ago most men and women had very active daily lives.  Many men worked on farms or in factories and physically demanding jobs requiring a lot of movement.  Many women were homemakers with much more demanding housework than most of us do today.  Today a great many people sit for long periods of time.  Many have desk jobs at work where they sit in front of a computer for many hours a day.  Others, like myself, sit with a client hour after hour with little movement except to walk one client to the door and greet the next.  Evenings are often filled with more computer work or relaxing with a book or television.  This lifestyle will not keep your heart healthy.

       A study of 4,512 adults by researchers at University College London and University of Queensland, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute and Edith Cowan University, all in Australia was published in JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY. The researchers reported that those who spent at least two hours a day sitting in front of a screen compared with those who had less than two daily hours of screen time, were twice as likely to have some type of cardiovascular event such as a heart attack.  The findings were even more frightening for those who sat at a computer or in front of a television screen for four or more hours a day.  It was reported that those people were 48% more likely to died during the four-year study regardless of how much exercise they did.

    Exercise is simply not enough to keep our hearts healthy.  We need to take frequent breaks at work and when we are sitting at home watching tv or on the computer. Hypnotherapy can be used as a tool for motivation to add frequent breaks and movement into our lives daily so that we can Be Well.