Sometimes people who are curious about hypnotherapy as a tool for weight loss will ask me "well, exactly how many sessions will that be?"  It's a very good question and almost impossible to answer with a number.  I suggest to my clients that we start with two sessions.  The first session is a comprehensive clinical interview in which I ask about what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong and what they feel they need to do to reach their goal weight.  The interview also includes everything from family history to health history to their weight loss and weight gain history.  After identifying overeating triggers and exercise patterns, the clients creates a weight-loss plan that they believe will work for them.  The second session is the actual hypnotherapy session based upon all the information and the plan they created.  Then the clients go out and work their plan.  I ask no commitment beyond the two sessions.  But I do tell clients, it takes a long time to get significant amounts of weight off so they may need an occasional session of hypnotherapy for reinforcement.

      Yesterday, a client came in who I first worked with for weight issues on August 28, 2013.  Yesterday was October 22, 2013.  In less than two months, she had lost twenty pounds.  Incidently, this is well above what I suggest is likely to happen.  I suggest that a pound to a pound and a half per week is good weight loss.  When she got motivated, it just came off faster than that.  So why was she back?  She had decided she wanted to get ahead of the curve on holidays.  She was afraid of all the candy available during the holiday as sugar was one of her challenge areas.  And she wanted to stay focused on her goals through the holidays and not slip back into all bad habits.  We planned that session in about 35 minutes and then we did a 45 minute hypnosis session.

      All hypnotherapists have their own ways of assisting weight loss and different programs for helping you.  With hypnosis as a tool, weight loss can happen and be maintained.  Use hypnotherapy and BE WELL.