One of my goals for this blog has always been for my readers to Be Well.  Often I talk about how hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool for reaching that goal.  But sometimes I just like you to be aware of research studies on issues that may influence your health.  So this post is about how your reusable shopping bags can do just that.

     In 2010, Charles P. Gerba, PhD, a professor at the University of Arizona in the department of soil, water and environmental science, was the leader of a study of bacteria in reusable shopping bags.  The study found that fifty percent of the reusable bags had bacterial growth.  In addition, the study indicated that 12% of the bags had e.coli bacteria.  This bacteria is particularly dangerous because it can cause severe intestinal illness.

     There are things you can do to protect yourself from bacterial growth in reusable shopping bags.  First of all, keep them clean.  Don't just throw your bags in the trunk of your car until your next trip to the grocery store.  They should be washed regularly in soap and water.  In fact, it's a good idea to not leave empty bags in a warm car at all since bacterial count rises quickly in a as little as two hours.  Finally, avoid carrying raw foods like produce and meat in reusable bags. 

     We all want to protect our environment by avoiding using the paper and plastic bags.  But we need to be smart in our use of reusable shopping bags.  Follow  these hints to be able to use reusable shopping bags and still BE WELL.