Have you been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism or atrial fibrillation?  If you have, be aware that both of those disorders are associated with elevated stroke risk.  Brian Silver, MD, a senior staff neurologist at Henry Ford Hospital and assistant professor of neurology at Wayne State University School of Medicine has warned that hyperthyroidism (which means overactive thyroid) is dangerous.  In fact, if you are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism before the age of 45, your risk of having a stroke increases by 44%.  In addition, the heart rhythm disorder, atrial fibrillation, has long been associated with increased stroke risk.

    So what can you do if you have been diagnosed with either atrial fibrilattion or hyperthyroidism?  First of all, you need good medical care.  You should have a complete physical at least once a year to have blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels checked.  Your physician may recommend these be checked more often.  Then there are all those things you know you ought to be doing - exercising regularly, quitting smoking, eating a high-fiber low-fat diet.  A trained hypnotherapist can help you make those lifestyle changes that will help you to bring down the risk of having a stroke.  Hypnosis can help you to BE WELL.