One of my goals for this blog is to share with my readers the latest research which could affect their health.  For years there have been studies done on the value of taking vitamins to protect or prevent disease.  But the research has been inconclusive or even conflicting.  Some studies showed value in taking vitamins while others showed little or no effect in protecting the vitamin taker from diseases.

     In this Wednesday"s Journal of the American Medical Association, a large study was publishing suggesting that taking a daily multivitamin might reduce the risk of cancer in older men.  It did not suggest that their was any reduction in the ultimate risk of dying from cancer.  The study did not observe any single form of cancer being reduced by taking vitamins.  But the total risk of a cancer diagnosis was reduced.

     The trial was a randomized one of men ages 50 and older.  The daily multivitamin, Centrum Silver, was taken by 14,461 men at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute.  The trial found that those taking the multivitamin were eight percent less likely to be diagnosed with cancer than those who were taking a placebo.

    Although further research and studies will certainly continue, if you are a male fifty years are older, taking a multivitamin could be an easy thing to add to your health regimen.  Multivitamins are relatively inexpensive and are easily accessible to buy and to take. 

     Thanks for reading my blog and BE WELL.