People carrying extra weight are most likely aware that it is unhealthy.  Belly fat, that weight carried around the middle that gives a person an "apple" body shape, is particularly dangerous.  THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE reported on a study of more than 350,000 people which found that the risk of dying prematurely nearly doubles in people with a large waist.  This was true even if the person's overall weight was in the normal range.

    There are two kinds of belly fat.  Some "apple" body shapes are stored inside the abdomen and can wrap around internal organs.  This fat is  metabolically active and secretes inflammatory substances which are dangerous to a persons health.  There is also what most people call a "beer belly".  This is hard belly fat and is very dangerous for its risk to the heart cause by high levels of the inflammatory marker C-reactive protein (CRP).

     With about one-third of Americans being considered obese, the risk of diseases such as diabetes, stroke, cancer and heart disease are elevated simply because of weight issues.  Malignancies of the internal organs such as kidney and colon are more common in those carrying belly fat.  Other risks that increase with belly fat  include dementia, diabetes, lung problems and migraines.

    Latest guidelines are to shoot for a waist size of less than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women. Risk for heart dsease and even premature death continue to elevate as the waist size raises.  So it's time to lose weight following a sensible diet and exercise.  Eat natural, wholesome foods including whole grains and vegetables.  Avoid foods high on the high glycemic index such as processed carbs (white bread, beer, fruit juices) and sweet snacks.

   And get started now.  Don't wait for after the holidays.  Get a head start on the new year.  Hypnosis can be a great tool as a motivator to eat healthy, exercise regularly and lose that belly fat.