When people are thinking about quitting smoking, they  will often search for tools to help make quitting easier.  Among the newer tools on the market are electronic cigarettes. These are sometimes called e-cigarettes or even e-cigs.  Electronic cigarettes are designed as metal tubes holding cartridges of a liquid that has nictonine in it.  E-cigs are operated by battery producing a vapor which the smoker can inhale like smoking a regular cigarette.

     Electronic cigarettes are designed to appeal to smokers.  They look like cigarettes and can often be used to get around smoke-free laws in restaurants, bars and other places.  Manufacturers and distributors assure users that e-cigs are safe so smokers may use them as a way of cutting back or quitting smoking regular cigarettes.

      Unfortunately, testing of samples by the Food and Drug Administration in 2010, found that besides the nicotine, some of the cartridges contained toxic chemicals and even carcinogens.  Smokers choosing to replace a cigarette made from tobacco with an e-cig are just trading one group of bad chemicals for others. Another problem with the electronic cigarettes is that they come in kid-friendly flavors like cola and strawberry, may be perceived as  "cool, fun" gadgets and easy are often easily available on line or in mall kiosks making them particularly attractive to young people. This learned "smoking" behavior may then lead to smoking regular cigarettes.

    If you are thinking about becoming a nonsmoker, there are better and healthier ways to quit smoking.  Hypnosis helps you to get rid of the chemicals instead of putting more chemicals in your body.