Hypnotherapy should be rewarding for each client who experiences it.  Whether the person has come to a hypnotherapy office to quit smoking, lose weight, deal with stress or anxiety or a myriad of other issues, the whole purpose of the session is to reward that client with a tool for building a better life.  But, believe me, there are many rewards for the hypnotherapist as well.  I always say I work with the most inspiring people in the world.  The clients who come to see me are in my office to improve their lives.  They are stepping up to the plate to facilitate a change rather than saying "poor me" about what is going on in their lives. To work with each client is rewarding just for the chance to meet such a person.  And then, there are the phone calls.  I ask my clients to share what happens.  Many of my clients who choose to become nonsmokers will call me on their first anniversary of not smoking.  Weight loss clients often call when they reach goal weight.  It's so exciting to hear, "I just drove on the beltway for the first time in fifteen years.", "I was able to get in the elevator and go to my girlfriend's office.", "I flew home at Thanksgiving." Today I received a Christmas card at my office.  Written inside was this brief note, "Thank you for the greatest gift ever.  Happy Holidays. (signature) and underneath the signature was written in bold letters NonSmoker complete with a happy face.  That's my reward.