Over the years several people asked me how to find a professional hypnotherapist in their area.  I know this can be difficult. Rural areas with small populations may simply be unable to support the brief therapy of a hypnotherapist.  But hypnosis can be so valuable in making positive changes, it is well worth traveling to find the right person for you.

    One of your job as a potential hypnotherapy client is to do everything you can to make sure you are working with a highly trained professional.  Do your homework! 

      Ask referrals from your medical doctor, counselor or therapist.  I get referrals from all of those sources.  Ask your friends whose judgement you trust, if they have used a hypnotherapist they could recommend.

    If you have not been able to find a trusted referral, the internet and phone books are just a place to start.  Call a number of professionals in your area.  Many hypnotherapists work in one person offices, so you will probably be dealing with voice mail or an answering machine.  Leave your number and ask for a call back.

    It is highly likely you will have questions as hypnotherapists return your call. Most are willing to answer your questions over the phone. Others may have you meet with themI offer a free half-hour consultation just so potential clients can be with me and get their questions answered.  

     When you find the right professional hypnotherapist,  hypnosis can be a valuable tool to make wonderful changes physically, mentally and emotionally.  Find that person to help you BE WELL.