Often when clients come to me to make a change in their life, their first comment is
"I just don't have any willpower".  They feel that if they just had more willpower that they could change their behavior.  A study by Dutch researchers in 2011, gives new insight into willpower and developing good habits.  The researchers conducted studies on people who had above average self-control and found that the high-self control subjects were not using large amounts of willpower to control their behavior.  Instead, these people spent their time and willpower establishing positive habits.  They were focusing on the positive rather than the negative.  By establishing positive habits, they became routine and the individuals no longer had to spend a great deal of willpower fighting negative habits.

    If you are trying to make a change in your life, rather than focusing on strong willpower to stop a negative, focus on creating positive autopilot habits.  An example might be, rather than focusing on willpower to stop drinking soft drinks, a person might focus on a good habit of keeping water easily available and drinking water regularly.  If you need help to establish positive habits, a hypnotherapist can help you.  Build great positive habits and Be Well!