Studies continue to come out about the benefits of exercise.  In 2011 a study was released on the research at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  The study, completed under department of epidemiology chair Xifeng Wu, reported on the administration of an exercise questionnaire to 416,175 adults which was followed by an average of eight years for health outcomes.  The results were perhaps not surprising but still impressive.  Those who reported exercising for as little as fifteen minutes per day extended their expected life spans by three years.  This was compared with those who did not exercise.  The benefits were even better for thirty minutes per day of exercise.  The exercise they described did not have to be difficult.  Even a brisk walk counted.

    If you want the best chance at a long, full, healthy life, extend it with exercise.  If you are having trouble getting motivated get some help. This could include an exercise partner, a structured class or a trainer.  It could also include seeing a hypnotherapist to get motivated so you can extend your life.