In the last six months, I have seen several people with the same request - "Help me get off diet sodas".  Over the past few years, numerous studies have come out noting that drinking diet sodas may actually facilitate weight gain rather than weight loss.  In 2010, Harvard Medical School researchers reported on a study in which 3,256 women answered food questionnaires which were then analyzed by the researchers.

     The researchers reported that in addition to weight issues, diet sodas can cause serious health issues.  The report indicated that diet sodas can harm the kidneys.  The ability to filter metabolic waste declined 30% for women who drank two or more diet sodas daily over an eleven year period. 

     So what can you do to stop a decline in kidney function caused by consuming diet soda?  Choosing unsweetened drinks such as sparkling water or green tea would be a more healthful choice for men and women. When a person has consumed diet sodas for years, this can be a major habit change. Hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool to stop drinking sodas for better health.