Can't figure out why you are continuing to gain weight?  Researchers have found another reason those jeans may be a little tight.  Spanish researchers in the online journal PLos One reported that exposing human pancreatic cells to even minute amounts of the chemical Bisphenol A caused them to release almost double the insulin necessary to metabolize a meal.  Bisphenol A (BPA) is a very common chemical and is found in lots of commonly used items from paper receipts and tickets to plastic containers to food and drink cans.  When we are exposed to BPA, that excess insulin can cause our bodies to store more calories as fat.  And that study was done by Spanish researchers, it is likely that Americans have been exposed to even more BPA than the those studied by the researchers.

    So what can we do to protect ourselves from the effect of this chemical on our body. The first thing is to become more conscious of our exposure and try to limit it in any way we can. Ordering tickets online and printing them on BPA-free paper is an easy way to avoid BPA tickets.  We can avoid plastic food and drink containers and choose fresh foods over canned foods. Its also a good idea to  use microwave glass containers rather than plastic to reheat foods. 

    Hypnotherapy can be used as a great tool for weight loss.  Hypnotherapy is not magic.  You won't go out of the office 20 pounds lighter.  Instead, it can be used to help live consciously about the choices you make like avoiding BPA and working a healthy eating and exercise plan.