If you are a man who has low testosterone, be aware that blood sugar levels are linked to testosterone.  In this country, one out of every four men over the age of 30 has been identified as having low levels of testosterone.  And obviously because the United States population is aging, it is likely this number will rise significantly.  Among the symptoms of low testosterone are: weight gain, muscle loss, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis and bone fracture, decreased physical performance, insomnia, depression and heart disease.

     A paper presented at the 91st Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society, in June, 2009, in Washington DC found that testosterone is linked to blood sugar levels.  In the study, three groups of men were given a sugary solution to drink and then had their testosterone levels tested.  Forty-two of the men had normal blood sugar, twenty-three were pre-diabetic and nine men had type 2 diabetes.  For all three groups, after drinking the sugary solution, blood levels of testosterone dropped by as much as 25 percent.  These readings remained low even after two hours.  In addition, it was found that 15 percent of the men with normal testosterone levels dropped so low after the sugary solution drink that they had levels low enough to require taking a hormone supplement.

     This study shows that sugar consumption is a major factor in lowering testosterone levels.  This helps to explain why hypoganadism (testosterone levels low enought to require taking the hormone) is continuing to rise.  The obvious solution to help lessen your risk for all the major medical issues listed above is to eliminate sugar from your diet.  This can be a real challenge for someone who has a strong habit for snacking on sugar or feels like they are a "sugar addict".  Hypnotherapy can be a very valuable tool in changing bad habits that are no longer working. If you value your health and your sex life, contact a hypnotherapist to get rid of the sugar in your diet.