Did you know that ever day, nearly 4,000 American kids younger than 18 try their first cigarette?  When I ask my clients who are choosing to become nonsmokers, "when did you start smoking?", the age I hear than more than any other is "twelve".  By fifteen or sixteen they are smoking regularly.  According to the FDA and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, every day, 1,000 U.S. citizens younger than 18 become daily smokers.

     In fact in 2010 one in five high school students smoked.  On June 22, 2010, the Family Smoking Prevention and Toacco Control Act went into effect begining an era of greater tobacco restrictions.  The provisions include the prohibition of sale of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco to people under 18, the sale of clove and fruit-flavored cigarettes which were appealing to young smokers. and the sale of cigarette packages with fewer than 20 cigarettes.  Also prohibited was the sale of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco in vending machines and the sale or distribution of hats and T-shirts that have tobacco brands or logos.  Finally, tobacco brand-name sponsorship of any "athletic, musical or other social or cultural event" was banned.

     If, in spite of these efforts, you have a teenager in your life who smokes, continue to encourage stopping smoking.  Hypnotherapy is a safe and comfortable way to become a healthy, nonsmoker.