Go Nuts to Lose Weight

   If you are looking for an easy way to encourage weight loss consider eating more nuts and seeds.  Research shows that even those these foods are high in fact, people who eat them regularly are more likely to lose weight than people who don't.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  Seeds and nuts are high in plant sterols.  These sterols contain substances that suppress appetite and give feelings of fullness.  The recommended serving for seeds and unsalted nuts such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds is one ounce daily.

     Besides encouraging weight loss, clinical trials have indicated diets that include one or more servings of nuts a day have a 59% lower risk of developing fatal heart disease than those who don't eat nuts at all.  The trials also show that nuts can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

     If you are trying to eat healthily or lose weight, eating nuts and seeds is an easy tool to use.  Smart people use tools.  Get the support you need from a good weight loss plan, support from a counselor or hypnotherapist and add nuts and seeds to your diet.