Concerned about your smoking habit and cognitive decline?  You should be.  A study of 5,099 men, ages 44 to 80, at University College London, England and Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris reports that male smokers performed at a level about ten years older than their chronological age on cognitive tests.  The study also indicated that male smokers had an increased risk of dementia.  The severity of cognitive decline increased with the more cigarettes they smoked.  But there was good news in this reports published in ARCHIVES OF GENERAL PSYCHIATRY.  The researchers found that after ten or more years of not smoking, the men's bodies could repair themselves.  Smoking affects the brain, hearts, lungs and blood vessels.  Decreased oxygen caused by smoking affects cognitive functioning.  If you are worried about smoking and memory loss, it is time to become a healthy nonsmoker.  Hypnotherapy is a great tool to help you stop smoking and allow your body to repair.