Most of us have been encouraged to eat healthy foods and told to choose colorful foods - the deep greens of broccoli or spinach or the bright red of a pepper or tomato.  New research, however, is encouraging people to add pale produce to their diet.  A Dutch study of more than 20,000 men and women over ten years found that those who ate the most white-fleshed vegetables and fruits had a 52% lower risk of stroke than those who chose only the more colorful foods.  These white-fleshed items included cauliflower, cucumbers, apples, banans and pears with pears and apples  being the most common choices in the "white group".  The researchers believe that quercetin, a plant chemical, in the white-fleshed fruits and veggies causes the benefit.  Choosing healthy foods including the white-fleshed ones can be reinforced with the use of hypnotherapy.