Are you thinking of becoming a nonsmoker?   You are not alone. In 2006 Charlize Theron, a three pack a day smoker, became a nonsmoker with the help of a hypnotist.  The following is a list of some people you may know who have become nonsmokers.

Whoopi Goldberg                       2007

Jon Stewart                                 Dec 2000

Matt Damon                                2005 with the help of clinical hypnosis

Geselle Bunchen                         with hypnosis

Kelly Ripa                                    2006

TWILIGHT acresses, Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed                        2009

Courtney Cox                               2006 with hypnosis

Billy Joel                                      with hypnosis

Christy Turlington                        1995

Vince Vaughn                              2005

David Arquette                            2008 with hypnosis

Mel Gibson

Drew Barrymore                           2001 with hypnosis