Eliminating fears, anxieties and other obstacles which can hold you back from your best athletic performance is another way to use hypnotherapy.  Over the years, I have seen many clients who had an actual physical fear of their sport.  Little-leaguers afraid of being hit by a ball, gymnasts afraid of falling off the horse or equestrians anxious after a fall are some of those issues.  But there are other fears that may stand in the way of peak athletic performance.  Sometimes the fear is of failing.  Some of the children I see have been competing in their sports for much of their life. They know that many hours and much money has been spent to get them to the competition so the pressure and fear of failing can be enormous.  Professional athletes have both their economic lives and personal identities tied up in their sports so fear of failure can be a constant pressure upon them.  Sometimes the fear is of moving up to the next level and fear of a stronger more powerful competition is causing problems for the athlete.  Hypnosis can be used to eliminate those obstacles and allow the athlete to compete and enjoy their sport without fear.