Are you a junk food junkie?  In working with weight loss clients for over twenty years, I have found that many overweight and obese people feel that their unhealthy eating habits are caused by actual addiction.  They often believe that an addiction to junk food was the basis of their weight issue

    A research study by Paul Kenney, PhD, an associate professor in the department of molecular therapeutics at the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter Florida, confirmed my clients' suspicions.  Kenney's research involved an animal food behavior study which was published in "Nature Neuroscience".  In the study, rats were given as much food as they wanted with access to both healthy foods and high-calorie foods.  Very quickly the rats, showed a decided preference to the junk food snacks and began to gain weight and even become obese.

    The rats showed decreased levels of a dopamine receptor which provides a feeling of reward.  The same decreased levels are reported in people addicted to drugs from nicotine to cocaine.

     Hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool in dealing with junk food cravings.  If you are concerned about unhealthy eating or junk food addiction, see a qualified hypnotherapist.  And BE WELL,