You've been talking about quitting.  You've done the patch, the gum and the prescription medications.  But you are still smoking.  Have you tried hypnotherapy?  Marc I. Oster, PsyD, psychologist and professor of clinical psychology at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, reports that 65% to 70% of smokers who are treated with medical hypnosis for smoking are able to quit successfully.

   In my own practice, I believe the numbers are even higher.  I always tell my clients, I certainly don't have 100% success rate with helping people become nonsmokers.  But I know that hypnotherapy works much better than the stop-smoking drugs including nicotine replacement which have a 35% to 40% success rate or the cold turkey method which is successful about 20% of the time.  Oster comments, "hypnosis still is more effective than standard treatments."

    If you want to be a nonsmoker and if you trust and feel comfortable with your hypnotherapist, you can be a healthy nonsmoker.  Stop smoking and Be Well!