Robert Sokolove, health psychologist at Boston Medical Center, suggests people who are thinking about quitting smoking set a quit date ahead of time.  He notes, "Your quit date has symbolic value".   I suggest to my clients that they pick a date of significance which has meaning for them - a birthday, a religious event or a secular holiday is something to look forward to and will be remembered later.   Many experts also suggest that people choosing to quit smoking choose a date a couple of weeks to a month ahead so they have time to mentally prepare.

   If you are thinking about quitting smoking, hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool to help you.  Each hypnotherapist will have their own program.  I am so confident that I can help smokers become nonsmokers that I tell clients that If they should slip and start smoking any time for an entire year, I will be happy to do a free session to get them started again as nonsmokers.  My website,, has a section where you can learn more about my program. If you are thinking about becoming a nonsmoker, set a quit date and call a hypnotherapist to make your commitment a reality.