Usually during the clinical interview that is part of my hypnotherapy sessions, I will ask clients what they hope to have happen because they came to see me.  Often the answer is, "I just want to be happy."  Social scientists believe that though life circumstances and genetics play a big part in happiness, about 55% of happiness comes from personal choices.

    In 2011, Dan Buettner, a National Geographic author and explorer, released the book THRIVEbased on five years of research and talking to researchers in the areas identified as the world leaders in happiness - San Luis Obispo, California, the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and Singapore.    In his books he identified the secrets of the happiest people in the world.

    Among the secrets were: 1) OWNING ONE TV.  Americans spend an average of more than four hours a day watching TV.  This is time not spent in real interaction with family and friends. 2) CREATING A "FLOW ROOM".  A flow room in Danish society is similar to the American family room.  But it has no television or computer screens.  3) EXPERIENCING WHAT BUETTNER CALLED "THE SUN BONUS".  Sun exposure produces Vitamin D, often called the "happiness vitamin" because it increases seratonin.  People in sunnier climates consistently indicate higher levels of happiness than those of us who live farther north.  So get out and enjoy the sun. 4) STOP SHOPPING.  Many people who get satisfaction from buying things take fewer vacations and work longer hours.  Americans are inundated by media and social expectations and to want more.  Make good memories through experiences with those you care about.  5)  BE SELF-EMPLOYED.  Business owners and self-employed workers report some of the highest levels of happiness perhaps because they are doing work they like or because they have more control and autonomy.  6) VOLUNTEER.  Research studies have shown that altruism creates feelings of well-being with an effect on the brain similar to addiction.  So get "hooked" on the rewardsof volunteering including better health and increased self-worth.  Buettner also recommends having some kind of 7) FAITH.  Whether through organized religion or spirituality, people of faith tend to be happier than those without.    If you would like to be happier, explore adding these recommendations to your life.

     Hypnotherapy can help you get motivated to make these changes.  A qualified hypnotherapist will guide you to identify your goals to dd changes so you can BE HAPPY.