For my male readers who have been diagnosed with diverticulitis, the inflammation of pouches of the large intestine,  there is research supporting vigorous exercise to fight this painful disease.  Lisa I. Strate, MD, MPH and assistant professor, division of gastroenterology at the University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle was the leader of a study of 47,228 men which was published in American Journal of Gastroenterology.  She reported the finding that men who exercised virgorously  defined as the equivalent of three hours of running a week had a 34% lower risk for diverticulitis and a 39% reduced risk for diverticular bleeding, compared with men who walked or did not exercise at all.

    Getting motivated to start exercising or increase time and intensity of exercising can be a challenge.  Hypnosis can be a great tool for men wishing to avoid diverticulitis or reduce the risk of diverticular bleeding.  Get motivated and BE WELL.