Stress management is important for everyone but can become critical if you have diabetes.   When a person is stressed, the body releases the "fight or flight" hormone cortisol.  This is particularly significant for diabetics because cortisol also increases blood glucose to produce a quick surge in adrenalin.  Cortisol can be released in an emergency situation or in the chronic stress people often feel in their daily life.  Diabetes can become more difficult to control with chronic stress.

    So what can you do to manage your stress?  At least a few times a day, do something you find relaxing - read a chapter, work on a craft or hobby, call a friend.  Get up and move.  Simply taking a walk can help calm you and relieve stress.  Practice yoga or learn to meditate.  Get away from stresses by getting outside for a few minutes.  Remember, hypnotherapy can be a great way to relieve stress.  If you have diabetes or are concerned about the stress has on your body, begin to manage your stress and BE WELL.