In the past few months, I have had four different clients talk about their fear of developing Alzheimer's disease.  In each case, the client had one or both parents who had the disease.  Even those who do not have a family history of Alzheimer's can become fearful of cognitive impairment as they age.   A study by Cyrus Raji, MD, PhD, at the department of radiology at the University if Pittsburgh  of 426 adults some with and some without cognitive decline found that those who walked six miles a week were half as likely over the next 13 years to develop Alzheimer's disease as those who did not walk.  Walking five miles a  week reduced cognitive decline by more than half in those with cognitive impairment.

   Researchers speculate that the walking improves blood flow to the brain which in turn keeps neurons healthy.  If you are concerned about preserving brain health, try to walk three-quarters to a mile most days.  If you need help to get motivated to start walking, see a board certified hypnotherapist.  Get walking and BE WELL.