As more and more people try to avoid the dangers of smoking, many try to replace cigarettes with other nicotine delivery systems such as an e-cigarette, nicotine patch or nicotine gum or lozenges.  But recent research out of the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech  led by geneticist, Skip Garner, found that nicotine is not only addictive it is also carcinogenic.

     Professor Garner reported, "Previous tests measure and classify whether nicotine is a carcinogen or mutagen were conducted with old technology, sponsored by tobacco companies.  What we've done is we make a direct measurement of the genome using the latest technology of next gen sequencing and we could directly measure the number of mutations that exposure to nicotine caused.  The conclusion, nicotine alone can cause cancer even without the other chemicals in conventional cigarettes."

     He believes that using alternative nicotine delivery systems instead of cigarettes, actually could make the situation worse.   "When you smoke cigarettes, the actual dose is fairly low because it has spread out through your entire body, but when you're administering nicotine through a patch or you're chewing it with gum or you're inhaling it with e-cigarettes, your mouth and your skin get very high doses of nicotine."

    If you have been thinking about becoming a non-smoker, don't try to replace cigarettes with e-cigarettes, the patch or gum.  Instead, get the help you need.  Hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool to become a non-smoker and avoid the carcinogen, nicotine.