In 2011, J. Daubenmier, et al., researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, presented a study in the JOURNAL OF OBESITY.  It was called "Mindfulness Intervention for Stress Eating to Reduce Cortisol and Abdominal Fat Among Overweight and Obese Women: An Exploratory Randomized Controlled Study." In the study, one group of  chronically stressed and overweight or obese women were taught how to reduce stress and the technique of mindful eating where they focused on the sensations of eating such recognizing fullness. The control group did not learn those techniques.  The study found that the more healthful eating women with the greatest reduction in stress lost the most deep belly fat.

     Learning stress reduction and mindful eating techniques helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol and thus aids in losing belly fat.  Hypnotherapy can be used to assist in learning these techniques and reinforcing them in hypnosis.  Reduce stress, eat mindfully and Be Well!