In the next few weeks, I'm going to try to answer some of the many questions people ask me about hypnosis. Some clients ask if meditation and hypnosis are the same.  In both hypnosis and meditation, a person will experience a meditative state.  But there are some significant differences between meditation and hypnosis.  First of all, the focus is different.  In meditation, you are choosing to go inward and focus on yourself.  In hypnosis, a person will be focusing on something outside herself such as a voice or a pendulum or a dot on the wall.  Once the person has focused, whether through meditation or hypnosis, she will enter an altered state. But once in the altered state, the experience is different.  In meditation, the person continued to focus inwardly on herself while in hypnosis the person enters an altered state and then receives suggestions.  Finally, there is a major difference in the goals of the two altered states.  The only goal of meditation is to "be" in the altered state while the goal of hypnosis is to receive suggestions in order to make a change in idea, thought or behavior.

    Many of my new clients know little about hypnosis. So I offer a free consultation so people can ask their questions.  A free consultation gives the client a chance to get questions answered and to be with the hypnotherapist and see if it feels like a good match. Both meditation and hypnosis can be valuable tools in physical, mental and emotional health.  Use those tools and BE WELL!