If you are male and are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), know that the top way to prevent this health issue is the same way as to reduce heart disease.  ED results from diminished blood flow.  It can be an early warning sign for heart disease.  In fact, studies show that men who have ED, are 80% more likely to develop heart disease than men who do not have ED.

     So what can a mean do to prevent or reverse erectile dysfunction?  The answer is the same as preventing heart disease.  To protect yourself from these issues, exercise regularly, keep blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol under control, and maintain a healthy weight by eating a healthy diet.  To make these changes, you may need help.  Your doctor can give you a plan and any medications you need.  To get motivated, check out hypnotherapy.  It can help you get well, stay well and prevent sexual dysfunction.  Get help and BE WELL.