One of the best things about becoming a nonsmoker is that it is never too late to stop.  So many clients I see have smoked for years and begin to justify not quitting because "it's already too late to stop health problems."  But, in reality, your body will thank you almost immediately for stopping smoking.  

     Within the first 24 hours after stopping smoking, good things begin to happen in your cardiovascular system.  Your pulse will drop to normal, circulation will be better so your hands and feet will be warmer and your blood pressure will be closer to normal.  Because of this within one day, you'll be at lower risk for experiencing a heart attack.

     Within a week of becoming a nonsmoker, your bronchial tubes will begin to relax and you'll have less shortness of breath.  While within the first three months of stopping your circulation will be better and your lung capacity will improve by one third.  With better circulation and breathing, you will have more stamina.