If you and your partner have been trying to get pregnant for over a year of unrestricted intercourse, you are considered infertile.  For every 100 couples trying to get pregnant, 85 to 90 will be pregnant within one year of trying.  The majority of the ten to fifteen percent who do not conceive will have a medical defect that often can be corrected by some kind of medical intervention. But as many as twenty percent of infertile couples have no physical cause for their infertility.

   Before you give up on having your own biological child, you may want to consider hypnotherapy as a tool in trying to conceive.  To my knowledge there are no extensive research studies on the use of hypnosis with infertile couples, but there is certainly anectdotal evidence of cases of infertile couples becoming pregnant after a hypnotherapy session. 

     Why would this even be possible?  Many physicians theorize that stress can prevent conception.  This could be for a couple of different reasons.  Some doctors believe that stress or anxiety create muscular tension causing the egg to be unable to travel down the fallopian tube.  Another theory is that stress and anxiety may upset the woman's hormonal balance and causes the sperm to be killed when entering the woman's body.  In addition, if people are less stressed, they will likely feel more happy and optimistic which may lead to more frequent sexual relations.  So less stressed people will likely have more opportunities to get pregnant.

     Hypnotherapy is brief therapy and much less expensive than many things couples try for infertility.  If you are dealing with this issue, hypnosis might be just the tool you need to finally get pregnant.