Sometimes a client comes to me to get assistance in losing weight.  Since most people who need to lose weight also need to move more, one of things we talk about is exercise.  For some clients that is a real challenge.  They explain that they have arthritis in their knees and/or hips and walking and biking just hurt too much.

      So what can someone do to lose weight while dealing with arthritis?  I recommend to try exercising in the water.  Your local "Y",  the pool in your neighborhood, community, club  or condo or a gym with a swimming pool may give you opportunities for a great cardiovascular workout that is gentle on your body.  Swimming allows mild resistance against your muscles without stressing your joints.  In addition many pools have water aerobics classes including those for seniors that provide opportunity for low impact exercises that are done in the water.  The goal is three workouts a week for at least 30 minutes each.

      Don't let arthritis keep you from losing weight.  If you need motivation to get started, hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool.