Have you been thinking about quitting smoking but just need a little more motivation?  Well, how about thinking about the people you expose to the smoke.  A Gallup poll conducted in July of 2012 found that many people do not recognize the dangers of secondhand smoke with nearly one in four smokers believing secondhand smoke is not too harmful.

      Although laws have changed in many areas of the country limiting people's exposure to tobacco smoke in workplaces, restaurants, bars and other public places.  Many people are still being exposed to secondhand smoke in their homes.  The particularly vulnerable include newborns who were either exposed in the womb or after birth, and adults with breathing problems.  Researchers in California reported that as many as 900 infant deaths in the United States were the result of being exposed to secondhand smoke.

     So if you need another reason to become a nonsmoker, think about the people you love whose health may be compromised by your bad habit.  Hypnotherapy can be a fantastic tool to help you be the person you want to be - an active, healthy nonsmoker.  Stop smoking and BE WELL.