What does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Many prospective clients who have never been hypnotized will ask me "what does hypnosis feel like?"    Over the years, I have had many answers to that question.  I experience hypnosis as just a very pleasant, relaxed state.  The description that many people give is that hypnosis feels like "mind massage".  Others compare it hypnosis to how they feel when meditating. Time distortion is common in hypnosis.  Many clients are surprised to know that 45 minutes has gone by when they felt like the session had only taken a few minutes.

Hypnosis causes actual physical changes in your body.  Your muscles relax, your breathing slows and deepens, your blood pressure drops and your heart rate slows down.  In addition, even oxygen consumption and skin temperature can change.  As these physical changes take place, some people describe their body as feeling very heavy.  One client commented, "I felt like I was sinking down into the chair."  Just as likely you may feel light like you are floating or even tingly.  Some people feel warm while others begin to feel cool. I have never had anyone describe it as anything but pleasant.

Sometimes people will open their eyes at the end of the session and say "that was really nice, but I don't know if I was hypnotized or not."  For some people, the hypnosis session itself just isn't very dramatic.  As always, the proof is in the pudding.  When people lose the weight, or become nonsmokers, or deal with some other issue in their life, that's when they know they really were in hypnosis.

Often what people know about hypnosis is what they saw at the comedy club.  Stage hypnotists give silly or embarrassing suggestions for entertainment purposes.  The people who wind up on stage shows are people who want to be on stage shows.  They don't have to fake their responses.  They are exhibitionists who are extremely suggestible.  When you are hypnotized you always have the choice to reject any suggestion that is against your moral or ethical values. When you are working with a professional hypnotherapist, you are not there for entertainment or to show off.  You help to plan the suggestions so you can make the changes you want in your life.

Hypnosis is just a way of giving you a comfortable focused way to accept the suggestions you want to make the changes you want.  No one can force you to accept any suggestion. However, you experience it - feeling light or heavy, warm or cool, you are in control.  When you accept the suggestions and make the changes, you did it!