Recent animals studies indicate that sugar is more addictive than cocaine.  It is consumed by Americans in large amounts and people suffer withdrawal symptoms when they try to restrict their use of sugar.  This is a problem because of sugars affect on health.  Consuming sugar in large amounts can affect insulin and other hormones and can be linked to diabetes.  Sugar-intake can also be linked to dementia, osteoperosis, suppressed immune system, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides which increase the risk of heart disease, obesity and cancer.

     The average American consumes about 142 pounds of sugar in a year.  Much of that is "added" sugar which is added to processed foods or added in preparation of food at home.  Contained in almost all processed foods, another big source of added sugar people consume is in regular soft drinks.  Even foods we consider healthful like fruit drinks and yogurt are often sweetened with added sugar.

     Although almost all of us enjoy a sweet treat occasionally, sugar addiction causes cravings, causes consumption to increase over time and causes withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression and irritability.  If you are concerned about increased consumption of sugar or about possible health affects caused by sugar, it's time to change.  Hypnotherapy can be a great tool in releasing addictive cravings for sugar.