Have you been thinking about becoming a nonsmoker?  People smoke for a lot of different reasons.  And they decide to quit smoking for different reasons as well.  Some people have had a health scare.  Other smokers may just be tired of the habit.  Many smokers have become concerned about the financial cost of smoking as the price of cigarettes continues to rise.

    If you have decided to quit smoking, there are some things you can do that will help you get ready to become a nonsmoker.  Talk to your friends who have already stopped smoking.  Use their advice and wisdom to learn more about how they did it and what their experience was.  There is great reassurance in knowing it is possible to quit and no longer want to smoke.

   Study your own smoking habit.  When do you smoke?  Where do you smoke?  How much do you smoke?  What do you get out of smoking?  The more you understand about your habit the easier it will be to identify problem areas and triggers which can be challenges when you stop smoking.

    It often helps to write down your reasons for wanting to become a nonsmoker.  Make a list and write down everything you can think of -- all the things you dislike about smoking and how it affects your life.  Keep this list with you so you can refer to it after you've quit smoking.

    Then it is time to decide how you are going to quit smoking.  You can use all the advice from friends who have already stopped.  Some people quit cold turkey.  This works for some but others find it uncomfortable and difficult.  Some smokers decide to wean themselves slowly off of cigarettes.  Perhaps they do this by cutting back one cigarette each day until they have stopped or only smoking at certain times of the day.  There are products you can buy over the counter such as nicotine gum or a nicotine patch.  Or your doctor can give you a prescription medication to support your attempt to quit smoking.

     Hypnotherapy is often used when people want to become healthy nonsmokers.  There are real advantages to working with hypnosis to quit smoking.  You are not putting chemicals in your system so it is a clean way to stop. Hypnosis gives you mental and emotional support as well as physical support while you are weaning off the toxic chemicals in cigarettes.  Hypnosis is an easy and powerful tool for you to make this powerful change in your life.

    If you are interested in stopping smoking, check my website: which has more information and a quiz you can take to see if you are ready to be free of cigarettes and smoking.