Yesterday I got a card from a former client who came in September of 2010.  I always appreciate when people call me on their first anniversary of quitting smoking or on the day they reach goal weight.  This note was different because the client had come for a personal issue that was causing her pain.  I will not include the person's name or the exact issue to protect her privacy. "3/16/12  Dear Jennifer - I wanted to thank you for the hypnosis.  I listened to the tape twice and went into a deep trance both times.  Then I couldn't listen anymore.  Perhaps my subconscious mind was saying: do you want a beautiful life and let this go - or - do you want a not so beautiful life and hang on?  Kind of a no brainer!  Letting go of certain events is not over night but I'm please with the progress.  Thank you so (underlined twice) much.  (Unrevealed signature).  Hypnotherapy can be a wonderful brief therapy tool for dealing with personal issues.