In 1958, the American Medical Association (AMA) approved hypnosis as an acceptable treatment.  Hypnosis can be a valuable tool as an adjunct therapy.  It is my personal policy to not work with a medical issue without the approval of the physician in charge of the patient/client's care.  Among the type of medical issues I have seen recently are:  chronic back pain, preparation for surgery for a breast cancer client and migraine headaches.

     BUSINESS WEEK in Feb 2004 reported that "Hypnosis has gained credibility in the past five years because of research using the latest brain-imaging techology.  Studies show hypnosis can help heal a multititude of disorders."  If you are suffering with chronic pain, experiencing gastrointestinal problems, desiring to lose weight or heal quickly from a bone fracture or surgical wound, ask your physician about using hypnosis to facilitate rapid healing.