ARE THERE ANY SIDE EFFECTS? The only side effects are good ones. The side effect of hypnosis for quitting smoking is that you become a nonsmoker. And the best part is you are doing this without using gums, patches or pills that could cause side effects.

CAN HYPNOSIS FORCE ME TO DO SOMETHING AGAINST MY WILL? All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotherapist is a guide leading you through the experience. You will not accept any suggestions that are against your will or inappropriate.

CAN SOMEONE BE IN THE ROOM WITH ME DURING THE SESSION? It is entirely up to you. Some people like a family member or friend with them during the hypnosis. Others prefer to be able to relax completely without someone watching them.

WILL I BE UNCONSCIOUS? No, there is no need for you to be unconscious. The suggestions given in hypnosis work just as well at a lighter level as they do at the deepest levels.

I'M A CONTROL FREAK OR I'M REALLY STUBBORN OR I'M REALLY STRONG WILLED. CAN I BE HYPNOTIZED? Remember it is something you do. You are in control. You can use that strong, stubborn part of you to use hypnosis as a tool to become a nonsmoker permanently.

WHAT IS YOUR PROGRAM FOR BECOMING A NONSMOKER? I always start with a FREE CONSULTATION that gives the new client a chance to ask questions. There are two things necessary for hypnosis to work. You have to want to do whatever you're talking about doing. I can't make someone do something if they don't want to. The second thing necessary is to have trust in the person you are working with. By the time we've spent 20 or 30 minutes together you will know whether the program is right for you and if you feel comfortable with me. At the end of that time you can say, "Thank you for your time. Good-bye." Or you could choose to become a nonsmoker.

It is possible to do the first session right after the free consultation to save you a trip. The first session is a clinical interview and will take an hour to an hour and a half. There is no hypnosis in the first session. This is when I get all the information about you and your smoking habit. At the end of the first session I will give you some questionnaires to identify your stress level, whether you are left or right brained, whether you are visual, auditory or kinesthetic. You can bring these back to the second session. In the second session, we will go over the questionnaires and then do a 45 minutes hypnosis session. I tape the session and will give you a copy of the tape. If you have your own personal recorder and want to use it, I will be happy to do so. At the end of the second session you will be a nonsmoker, I am so confident of your success, that I guarantee I will give you a free session if you slip at anytime during the first year.

WILL I BE TALKING DURING THE HYPNOSIS PART OF THE SESSION? Since I gathered all the information about your smoking habit during the first session, it will not be necessary for you to talk during the hypnosis session itself. This means you can totally relax without worrying about having to "do" anything.

HOW LONG BETWEEN THE FIRST AND SECOND SESSIONS? I usually suggest that no more than a couple of weeks between sessions. You might find it more convenient to take one day from work as a personal day, come in at 10:00 do to your free consultation and then do the clinical interview first session until around noon. At that time we would take a lunch break. University Mall right next door to my office has several restaurants. Go have a nice lunch, fill out your questionnaires and come back at 1:00 or 1:30 to do the hypnosis. By 3:00 you could be a healthy nonsmoker!