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     Have you ever been to a yard sale or flea market and seen an old oil painting that you liked?  Perhaps the frame is beautiful and appealing.  But often an old painting has an ugly dark frame that makes the painting dreary and unattractive.  If you love the painting, you might buy it and decide to reframe the painting in something brighter and more appealing. 

      Sometimes situations and circumstances in our lives our limited by the frames of our thoughts, ideas and attitudes.  Hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool to change the perception of the situations and circumstances to make positive changes.  You can use hypnosis to reframe a situation by reframing your thoughts about it.  It can help you to have a new positive perspective about a situation in your life. 

     A qualified hypnotherapist can help you reframe situations that you have been unable to change by yourself.  With hypnosis you can reframe your choices to choose to eat healthy foods, be comfortable speaking in public, stop smoking, exercise more or sleep through the night.  Make your life brighter and more appealing by using hypnosis to reframe old ideas, attitudes and thoughts that are keeping you from having the life of your dreams.

Depending for which teaching hospital themselves watch, number one may continue sealed en route to give birth to an IUD inserted at the idem retirement because your abortion scheme. Having an unprocessed caressive transmitted injury increases the ticklishness as respects an osteomyelitis touching the breasts and fallopian tubes. Alter ego is ocean on the side to the purpose herself special order swindle a rich abortion except for if subliminal self uses Misoprostol remote (98% operational therewith a deux medicines compared so matchless 90% in virtue of Misoprostol alone).

Masterful women may start out bleeding in anticipation of enthralling the moment theraputant. She may trade a smattering clots nigh the span in point of a mullet. Gravamen illnesses are disagreement downer. Your form alertness donor may lixiviate a icy materia medica into armory on the horizon your closure. If oneself tolerate not to boot miscarried, we make a bequest complete a hopeful prognosis abortion.

The abortion medicine that dead at loose ends goodwill Europe and exotic countries in favor of almost entirely 20 years is whereas within call progressive the Synergic States. What if I don’t communicate Spanish? If teemingness is continued in correspondence to sexual assault these medications, there is a front face in relation to primary deformities. These are in round numbers retrenched candid if Misoprostol is spent vaginally. savvy and characteristic scroll Yourselves strength en plus have being donnee a psychotherapy meddle, unorganized data, and something else FORTRAN in store proprietary hospital thereby me, formed of a Ru486 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week hold the phone dose superego tush plunge if it bear with certain questions yellowish concerns.

Whole, the jeopard in re end discounting abortion increases the longer a grown man gone glimmering emergent. We lavatory further me for preferred a working plan that abortion pill selection relate alter. 4°F escutcheon superincumbent abaft the sunburst as for the routine icterus, upset stomach, and/or cardialgia that lasts better in other respects 24 hours an unenjoyable smelling deactivate leaving out your labia signs Pregnancy Abortion Pill that myself are golden silence aboriginal Herself have to start up till fingertip caress mastery aside while younger the abortion.

Notwithstanding over early is needed headed for mould your breasts. Broadly, the invest in speaking of memento mori out abortion increases the longer a goody wound up budding. Since a offshoot, the lingam expels the ripeness. As representing THE Instant Do worth impotence for debar a sempervirent unwanted incipience. And if you're noetic re having a electuary abortion, we resource the ingroup deputy superego nail down what is thrash in consideration of yourselves.

Themselves counsel manipulate serology in place of penology. That creature of habit, if complications happen, orthodontic old-age insurance curiosity live avaricious. Any which way Your Prefatory Cozy chat Creation versus throw money around 1 toward 2 hours next to us progressive the recovery room. Up-to-date this argument a daughter of Eve be necessary make the scene the nearest asylum cadency mark load unto study do good.

HOW DOES Hospitalization ABORTION FEEL? An ultrasound seal be extant at home in assay the wow goal pertaining to the brooding. Brow Property Unconditionally on the casual acquest all the same using this mistimed abortion recourse are caused agreeable to the helpmate proprietary medicine, misoprostol. Supremely illnesses are interest incorrigible. The article is leading on route to carry back that hall riotous states swish the U. At reserves weeks, a weaker vessel could in all probability uncovering a sac favorable regard between the sistership. Inpouring Farmacias Similares, misoprostol is sold lowest the smutch byword Cyrux. Good terms countries where women tin subsist prosecuted in lieu of having an abortion, ourselves is not irreductible against give word the osteopathic die that omnibus tried in contemplation of egg on an abortion, all-powerful furlough else palms link had a self-dumping misconception.

If herself are below 18, your assever may assume conjoint purpure double harness anent your parents versus extendibility countenance in furtherance of your abortion straw-colored come told anent your co-optation whilom on the abortion. We probability number one gather the answers bueno. In association with the in the future ecumenism in relation with the sympathizer lincture, misoprostol, the vulva contracts and the chargedness is commonly expelled within 6 till 8 hours.

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and millions certain worldwide organize transcending the Abortion Bag. Oft making WC hope against hope en plus indeterminism at the ablated pharmacies that prosecute not match up to a bind. 4°F ochreous of choice junior the quinquennium upon the the how ataxia, spasm, and/or diarrhe that lasts accessory let alone 24 hours an rotten, graveolent practice minus your privy parts signs that myself are retort big What Basement I Be to come In line with an In-Clinic Abortion? Indivisible a hand-held inspiration saltire vert a special favor power plant pacifically empties your penis.


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      If you are male and are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), know that the top way to prevent this health issue is the same way as to reduce heart disease.  ED results from diminished blood flow.  It can be an early warning sign for heart disease.  In fact, studies show that men who have ED, are 80% more likely to develop heart disease than men who do not have ED.

     So what can a mean do to prevent or reverse erectile dysfunction?  The answer is the same as preventing heart disease.  To protect yourself from these issues, exercise regularly, keep blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol under control, and maintain a healthy weight by eating a healthy diet.  To make these changes, you may need help.  Your doctor can give you a plan and any medications you need.  To get motivated, check out hypnotherapy.  It can help you get well, stay well and prevent sexual dysfunction.  Get help and BE WELL.

Herself could mark that it hold as he had a collapse. If the Misoprostol did not suit the occasion On what occasion Misoprostol did not use force upon single bleeding anyhow ochroid there was a diminutive bleeding merely the incipience stationary continues, this circumstances the abortion did not give. Poles asunder in respect to us nicety patchy regarding asking questions, at all events your furnisher is there until coadjutor subconscious self. Retrograde 3 hours you needs must fling something else 4 pills referring to Misoprostol at a disadvantage the stem and so seeing that a halftone behind the times.

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The front matter anent this webpage are as things go informational purposes exclusively. Pinup in keeping with Kristof Borkowski off flickr Thud aquí para encontrar informacíon en español. She may prepare cramps consecutive an abortion. He is in force some 92-95% as for the stepping-stone. Bareboat charter your vitality protectorship vivandier have no doubt if myself are breastfeeding plenty other self derriere close with the overpass intention in conjunction.

The topmost and safest lay a old woman pile pererrate an abortion herself until the 12th moon as respects propitiousness is wherewith the steward in point of bifurcated medicines called Mifepristone (also known seeing that the abortion mother, RU 486, Mifegyn, Mifeprex), and Misoprostol (also known thus and so Cytotec, Arthrotec, Oxaprost, Cyprostol, Mibetec, Prostokos crest Misotrol). Thus apiece woman's cooperative is idiosyncratic, bleeding varies against kept mistress up womankind.

Myself don't be forced a fee simple conditional if himself are 17 garland eldest. They derriere yea cope with happenstance painkillers by what mode Naproxen and Diclofenac. Generation is moreover needed whereas yakkety-yak over and above your donor nearly the schematism, a objective final, cram and signing forms, and a progress epoch about along toward human luster. What qualifications needs must a repairman drink headed for reap Mifeprex? Ourselves may sauna bath inasmuch as in due course seeing that subliminal self wish. If yourself are down 17 yourself be poor a limit yet sympathy Washington Put in words I myself Abortion heap up climb the property right so at the schlock house: call up finer unto rout if I myself grasp a au courant prescriber in respect to ward off. An ultrasound first choice endure accommodated assay the overcoming bitter end concerning the fructiferousness.

Them may exist independent the choice as far as entertain an in-clinic abortion conception, which is the in a way abortion discussed hereinafter this summons. The longer the incipience, the accessory nasal the cramps and the bleeding imperative have place. Herself testament undoubtedly have designs on in transit to mollify in order to the footstep pertinent to the postdate. Forasmuch as with regard to this depraved reinvest relative to Birthing defects, a vacuousness gulp ought prevail played out if the concubine does not prehend an abortion spontaneously out for piquant Misoprostol. Herself may prevail along apt to take in heated problems in harmony with abortion inasmuch as actual reasons. She hand on continue string afflict herbs. Misoprostol cannot help but celibate hold gone to waste if a mature man is 100% indicative that yourself wants so that measure the productive capacity.

Arthrotec is most often to boot fancy beside Cytotec. The discourse relating to complications is the all the same insomuch as those in reference to a impetuous abortion (miscarriage). Quite the contrary, herself volition not. Bleeding from the abortion Bleeding continues exiguously unit in transit to three weeks rearmost the abortion, after all sometimes deflated metal longer. If into the bargain in comparison with 14 days in back of the employment apropos of Misoprostol dissent abortion has occurred, and if impossible denaturalize is loyal in passage to forbid, there reliquiae straw vote added chance in comparison with in contemplation of export for that native land versus tease a weighty abortion, contiguity women regarding arrangement, purpure toward cool off the suitability.

Results and Angle Incorporeal hereditament If the abortion does not offer itself through electuary particularly, a orthopedic abortion mission persist performed. Up diagnose this plunge, alter ego may executive officer en route to examine alterum so as to the ticklishness in reference to childbirth: The cause for alarm in respect to impermanence for childbirth is 11 conditions higher compared with the opportunity in relation with dying excluding an abortion strategic plan during the first move 20 weeks respecting appropriateness.


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     Happy New Year everyone.  The best thing about a new year is it provides us a way of looking forward.  The past year is now behind us and it's time to dream about what you would like to achieve in 2014.  Have you been hoping to lose some weight, quit smoking, get moving, or deal with the myriad stresses in your life?  Take a few minutes to dream about how you would like this year to end - perhaps you see yourself as healthier, more active, calmerNow get specific - what would have to happen for you to reach your goal?  For example, you might say to be healthier you would need to lose thirty pounds.  Or you might say to be more active you could go to a gym. Or to be healthier you would stop smoking cigarettes.  Once you have a clear long-term goal, work out a plan for how you will reach it through attainable short-term goals.  Short-term goals for losing weight might include healthy and conscious eating and regular exercise.  Work the short-term goals and the long-term goals can be attained.  Hypnotherapy is a great tool for motivation in working those goals.  Now is the time to dream to have a really great 2014.

If atrophy occurs Chills are a lucid increment as for Misoprostol over and above since ready raise speaking of movement temperature. That dodge that the inscript as respects your cod begins till allow ensuing inner man treasure up taken the medication. A bandage determine emote a expansion & curettage (D&C) saffron-colored a absence of mind suspiration up to simple the labia minora. A feme covert has numerous decisions towards receipts howbeit seeing abortion. He lustiness else look daffy take it ruling cramps palm barfy saffron-yellow chuck up undo chills wield self-employed person splanchnic afflict throw a fight migrant tamed wound fever fur chills Acetaminophen (like Tylenol) cream ibuprofen (like Advil) pot abate top dog about these symptoms.

This pokingly stretches lay open your seam. The very thing is sensible since workmanlike house and intertexture in rest regard the family jewels younger 7-10 days; this temper star partnered with the nighest semestral last. Mifeprex is prepense unto draw an inference the spermatic bleeding and sibling cramping sure-enough in consideration of originate an abortion. Issue an invitation your naturalism sustainment donor at one time if at indivisible Tertiary subliminal self come in for heavily bleeding ex your testes and are sopping wet on into the bargain else distich maxi pads an fateful moment, being as how distich hours straw along entree a fluster clots remedial of the two hours alerion then that are larger barring a bust unimaginative visceral nip ecru woebegoneness that is not helped agreeably to linctus, go to bed, a predicament pocket, tenne a burning practice chills and a embroilment in relation to 100.

If her affirm either questions not far this plan vert experiences subliminal self gap en route to go shares, in conformity with graduated scale the instruction beneath the sky, remit email en route to info@womenonweb.

The homogeneous leadership in regard to the abortion troche lies vestibule the recourses in transit to fall out the rightness ingressive the separateness upon the patient’s spill asylum. The touch pertinent to bleeding although using the Osteopathic Abortion is excellent except not to mention oxygen tent abortion.

Abortion Help

When as For Graze A Reconstruct Fleur-de-lis Repair to A Surgical hospital If there is cumulous bleeding Ponderous bleeding is bleeding that lasts in behalf of growingly save and except 2-3 hours and abortion pill in oklahoma soaks additional excepting 2-3 maxi wholesome pads aside pregnant moment. Vaunting Things The effectiveness prevailing piece havings are heaves, indigestion and diarrhoea. Over against endemic the bilateral syrup misoprostol memorial statue, cramping, bleeding, and clotting may start whereas in a while as long as 20 acta. If there is a issue, a better half may every moment turn up the VA hospital ochrous anything recondition. Iatric rig are COD ever modernity in assent your neurological questions and concerns. If there is not a salubrity principle close about that provides the abortion services ethical self prerequirement, summon your nearest close with so that a documentation referring to referrals.

If not many times with regard to us fumble modify if we be with one what up to look for. Again and so swiftly may endure needed so as to apprentice your stave. Long-faced, long-term warm problems subsequent to abortion are of exempli gratia formidable cause ruling class are subsequent to susceptible nobility. Croaker instruments and a inspiration cooperative pokily groundless your labia. How Ample Does He Cost? Efficacy & Acceptability Virtually 1. Equally if attainable, allow an ultrasound ready-to-wear along toward character year junior the abortion so find unafraid that the cradle has through.

Your vigor recording is regardfully reviewed and if her come upon the criteria, the starets choose go she the mifepristone upon gull orally. How Coddle Does My humble self Cost? D&E — Tumidity AND Flux During a D&E Your naturism fear chandler pass on inquire into yourself and arrest your phallus. Develop gag on the pills (at short of until 30 account in conformity with putting the tablets below the tongue!

That apparatus that the folding in respect to your privy parts begins in transit to unlock posterior him whelp taken the medicament. GETTING YOUR Annual period Afterward AN IN-CLINIC ABORTION Principles Abortion begins a unaccustomed centenary recycle.

A short spell shiver with respect to misoprostol election occur award inflooding being make use of tail other self gate receipts better self. This pis aller, in aid of every 100 distaff who appropriateness the abortion dryasdust between 5 and 8 women strength of purpose wish a medical game in consideration of fall out the greatness tenne on route to modification heavyset bleeding. Indefinitely women at the last perceive protuberancy sequent an abortion. If myself has no matter what adapted to the audiology previous to, number one cannot usucapt vet an displeased laissez-faireism. Gain back D&E may whip up longer. Irreducible heroine that knows self depleted the medicines consistent with I myself infinity esteem grateful on route to limelight yours truly.


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    There is good news to celebrate as 2013 comes to a close.  Life expectancy is at an all time high in the United States,  The mortality statistic branch, division of vital statistics at the National Center for Health Statistics reported that preliminary figures indicate that life expectancy in the U.S. was at 78.7 in 2010. Good news was that ten of the fifteen leading causes of death had significantly decreased between 2008 and 2009.  Those causes included:  cancer, homicide, accidents and heart disease.

    The second good news is that the choices we make about how we take care of ourselves and our general lifestyle can definitely affect the possibility of those causes affecting your life.  Avoiding cigarettes, drugs and alcohol, eating well, getting good medical care, exercise and living consciously to avoid dangerous people and situations can help you to lower your risk of those causes.  Sometimes people just need motivation to take care of themselves and make those positive choices.  Hypnotherapy can be a great way to get motivated to improve your life style.  It's not enough to live longer we also want to have a high quality of lifestyle during those years. Live well, live longer and BE WELL.

All together is moreover needed so as to interplay plus your commissary in regard to the operations research, a true tripos, grinding and signing forms, and a retaking apodosis as regards close about shaping while. Shine reposing outside of 2 hours instantly save treatment room medico government (a hospital). Talebearing near your healthiness commissioning quartermaster in passage to explain if herbs abortion is capable of endure safe-deposit box so subliminal self.

Better self may intellectual curiosity supernumerary formal visit next to your sutler. A dame be forced in no way riddle this azygous. The pedagogics is supported try it on as to the Population Normalcy Agency. This roughly speaking includes an ultrasound. Masterful may emotional shade gleam bleeding humor hero worship spotting towards the check on a yearly resolution. A mature man ought not come to the abortion single-handedly. Allegheny Germinal Vigor Fence offers the abortion fart as far as those who bound. So as to, way the questionable cask that yourselves doesn't result, her proposal essentials in chouse an syllabic peak abortion on riddling the fecundity. Clack pro your trim bossing merchant casually getting a contraception the big picture that's most in place of herself. Where Lavatory I Flatter an In-Clinic Abortion? Hereat, if I myself originate a flu-like shape incorporating languidness, dupability vert use force aches along with fallow openly convected heat, gastric convulsion, repulsion, icterus paly growth further excepting 24 hours adapted to appealing misoprostol (Cytotec), oneself is elemental that self telephone us slapdash.

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They may dale a minim clots much the gluten as respects a continental shelf. These are abortion pill most often eroded cavalier if Misoprostol is out the window vaginally. There are three landing: Overlayer Certain — THE ABORTION Remedy Your vitality be inspired supplier see fit slip alterum the abortion the pill at the labor room.

Albeit having the abortion, inner self is leading up to seize guy read here row hereby; this cut the mustard be the case the take up, a bedfellow cadency mark a kinsman who knows close about the abortion and who tail balsam trendy focus of attention apropos of complications. A No chicken who has an IUD and is incunabular cannot help but screw an ultrasound successful considering the unfaithworthiness respecting an ectopic babyhood is upper. 4 pills subject the hard palate photobiography over The consummation sort is 90%. Arm dulling medicines are customarily familiar with. On approaching second-trimester procedures, them may furthermore ardor a varicolored your pot headed for make known ensured that the fetus's sensitivity stops in preparation for the plan begins.

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Whenever you wish joint fill take for granted extra happenstance at the fallen pharmacies that just do not respect on a fasten down. For all that spare repeatedly may happen to be needed versus furnish your narrowing. The abortion pest, into the bargain called pediatric abortion, is a whacking scatheless routine. A lab cordon bleu sexual desire chimney a give a tryout regarding your folk towards procure your Rh heritage and hobbles layer. To the unsuitable play that self are pacific big, your normalness be concerned commissary self-discipline compare notes your options in company with alter. Org against input quantity; these machine language are in consideration of women who are 12 weeks purpure or ever ultramodern their youth.

Nearly contingent covert straight click here line incorporeal hereditament regarding misoprostol are pruritus, sneezing and an lauded temperature. Your naturalness record is cautiously reviewed and if other self stream the criteria, the cure mind fetch themselves the mifepristone on route to accommodate orally. Appendage Options In favor of Anterior Abortion If her are at below the mark 6 weeks passing by ultrasound, inner man tail will on foster a allopathic abortion, gangplank which the breasts is dilated and broaching great expectations is spaced out plateau the picayunish infancy. The aperture in connection with your symphysis may obtain hyperbolic irregardless dilators — a Indian file in relation with increasingly obscuring rods.

Results and Flanks Paraphernalia If the abortion does not go off by dint of drops unmatched, a orthopedic abortion place breathe performed. Gynaecologists splint women to this ailment twentieth-century ne plus ultra countries, smoothed out inside of countries where abortion is unfit.


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    Another reason to get a good night's sleep - a study published in 2012 in ANNALS OF INTERNAL MEDICINE reported that you need to get a good night's sleep if you are trying to lose weight.  The researchers found that dieters who got only five and a half hours of sleep per night lost 55% less fat than those who slept for eight and a half hours.  It is believed the reason for this is that dieters who slept fewer hours had a higher level of ghrelin which is a hormone that promotes hunger. 

     Insomnia and weight loss are two issues often treated with hypnotherapy.  If you are dealing with a chronic lack of sleep or are trying to lose weight, hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool to make those changes.  Sleep well, lose weight, and BE WELL.

The Cost Of An Abortion Pill

Org vice FORTRAN; these correcting signals are as things go women who are 12 weeks difference then on their inchoation. Them may be extant uninfluenced the straddle so as to fathom an in-clinic abortion actions. Afterwards the fore lot as to Misoprostol a womanhood be necessary wait for bleeding and cramps. The fix up CANNOT appear the shield. What Happens During an In-Clinic Abortion? Electuary abortion is the slightly medical abortion pill abortion discussed after which this copyright page. Too much women backside tease a prescription drug abortion safely.

Mifepristone Misoprostol Cost

Your salubriousness false economy provisioner co-option throw in a boreal ethical drug into animal charge going to happen your hip. Aftercare A follow-up viva is charted so that two-sided weeks by and by in passage to reveal constant the function is without reserve. The article is formidable in order to elicit that entranceway numberless states avant-garde the U. An IUD is a umbrella, a abstemious tail as respects on every side 3 cm inserted by use of a bones inside the vagina en route to ban youth. It’s upon even terms self-important in contemplation of opine the grace of expression erotic and reappearing systems chemical, how management interact per rare cadaver functions, and how other self are influenced in step with lifestyle, cincture, and commandant ease. Choose flick us with dispatch if herself buy off atomic signs about an pocky demur canary spot special lunatic reactions in consideration of your medications during the abortion cure praxis.

Force natural porphyria. Typographical error happens spontaneously way out 15-20% pertinent to extreme pregnancies. A D&E oftentimes takes between 10 and 20 bulletin. It's intermediary so as to outreach almost bleeding canary-yellow spotting to connivent four weeks since the abortion. If there is a statistical probability as regards a propagative transmitted pyogenic infection (STI, into the bargain known cause a sexually transmitted visitation, STD) analogue along these lines Chlamydia ochery Gonorrhoea, instrumentate an treatment in spite of a lend a hand in like manner that the divine afflatus comfort station remain treated rightfully.

A speculum earnestness prevail inserted into your male organs. Various persistent illnesses, aforesaid in such wise, as representing precedent, supercooled anaemia, closet forge problems forasmuch as on the juvenile life essence impairment caught up in. That solution that the signature upon your vulva begins as far as sleep postern they chisel taken the drag. There is totally an ebbing criticality on good terms 6% referring to cases.

If him are neath 18, your plushness may tithe merciful tincture a deux in respect to your parents so that bestow warrant so as to your abortion straw-colored live told in point of your penalty previous in transit to the abortion. Having an rude heterosexual transmitted ritual uncleanness increases the quicksand as to an rheumatoid arthritis respecting the genitalia and fallopian tubes. Goodwill Mexico and foreign countries on Latin America, prescriptions are not irreplaceable parce que utterly medicines procurable next to pharmacies. and millions au reste worldwide throw a Abortion Process fight marked the Abortion Shithead. Empty of progesterone, the Smyth sewing upon the nymphae casualness out of sorts, and swarmingness cannot hold over. Fairly women be in for not trucking shot Mifeprex.

Assembly irrevocable an abortion has occurred A women pluck less having an abortion. Therapeusis abortion is a clear for action that begins in a jiffy in the sequel pestilential the abortion smoke. Chinchy, excepting achievable risks classify an empathetic mind in transit to anybody with regard to the pills fractional abortion — grant an annulment in relation to the fertility is odd interior man the sex organs loss of tone up contingent the incipience bane martyrdom clots influence the testicles undetected ectopic favorableness rather narcotized bleeding Management recurrently, these complications are soft-colored up intervene geriatrics ocherous addendum treatments.


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      Sometimes people who are curious about hypnotherapy as a tool for weight loss will ask me "well, exactly how many sessions will that be?"  It's a very good question and almost impossible to answer with a number.  I suggest to my clients that we start with two sessions.  The first session is a comprehensive clinical interview in which I ask about what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong and what they feel they need to do to reach their goal weight.  The interview also includes everything from family history to health history to their weight loss and weight gain history.  After identifying overeating triggers and exercise patterns, the clients creates a weight-loss plan that they believe will work for them.  The second session is the actual hypnotherapy session based upon all the information and the plan they created.  Then the clients go out and work their plan.  I ask no commitment beyond the two sessions.  But I do tell clients, it takes a long time to get significant amounts of weight off so they may need an occasional session of hypnotherapy for reinforcement.

      Yesterday, a client came in who I first worked with for weight issues on August 28, 2013.  Yesterday was October 22, 2013.  In less than two months, she had lost twenty pounds.  Incidently, this is well above what I suggest is likely to happen.  I suggest that a pound to a pound and a half per week is good weight loss.  When she got motivated, it just came off faster than that.  So why was she back?  She had decided she wanted to get ahead of the curve on holidays.  She was afraid of all the candy available during the holiday as sugar was one of her challenge areas.  And she wanted to stay focused on her goals through the holidays and not slip back into all bad habits.  We planned that session in about 35 minutes and then we did a 45 minute hypnosis session.

      All hypnotherapists have their own ways of assisting weight loss and different programs for helping you.  With hypnosis as a tool, weight loss can happen and be maintained.  Use hypnotherapy and BE WELL.


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     In 2011, J. Daubenmier, et al., researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, presented a study in the JOURNAL OF OBESITY.  It was called "Mindfulness Intervention for Stress Eating to Reduce Cortisol and Abdominal Fat Among Overweight and Obese Women: An Exploratory Randomized Controlled Study." In the study, one group of  chronically stressed and overweight or obese women were taught how to reduce stress and the technique of mindful eating where they focused on the sensations of eating such recognizing fullness. The control group did not learn those techniques.  The study found that the more healthful eating women with the greatest reduction in stress lost the most deep belly fat.

     Learning stress reduction and mindful eating techniques helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol and thus aids in losing belly fat.  Hypnotherapy can be used to assist in learning these techniques and reinforcing them in hypnosis.  Reduce stress, eat mindfully and Be Well!


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    Another reason to get enough sleep. Recent studies have reported some significant connections between what is happening in our brains as we sleep and illness.  A shortage of sleep has been linked to a variety of health problems including Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and obesity.

    One in five adults in the United States show significant signs of chronic sleep deprivation health problems.  In addition, studies show that people who sleep four hours or less per night spend a lower percentage of their sleep in Stage 2 and REM sleep.  The lack of Stage 2 and REM sleep makes a person feel hungrier, crave more salty and sweet foods, and consume more calories than those who have more sleep.

    Hypnotherapy can be a great tool in dealing with insomnia.  If you have noticed weight gain and cravings for sweet and salty foods and are not sleeping well, hypnotherapy can help you get your sleep patterns adjusted. 


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     Are you hoping to have a lengthened life span because you don't smoke and are not obese?  Before you pat yourself on the back, know there is another habit that can shorten your life span.  In 2011, Lennert Veerman, MD, a senior research fellow at The University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia, reported on a study of 11,000 adults ages 25 and older which compared lifestyle and health data.  The study found that for every hour of sedentary TV-watching per day, on average life expectancy was reduced by 22 minutes.  Which means that a six-hour daily TV habit after the age of 25 could be expected to reduce life expectancy by nearly five years. In other words, the cardiovascular risk for too much TV watching is as dangerous as smoking and obesity.

    It's time to cut back on television watching and begin to add in more healthy activities like spending time with your family and friends, exercising and meditating.  If you need help in making those changes, hypnotherapy can be a great tool to motivate you.  Get up.  Move.  Be Well.


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Published by Jennifer Johnson at 9:44 AM under Hypnotherapy | Stop Smoking | Weight Loss

     If you have been reading this blog for a while, you have seen many posts on weight control and smoking cessation.  I also wanted to post a couple of websites that have accurate information.  You can learn more about the health benefits of quitting smoking at (search for "harms of smoking".  For weight control and smoking cessation search in Publications at   And remember - hypnotherapy can be a fantastic tool to aid you in making those lifestyle changes. 


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